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Welcome to this course, which highlights the key elements of Nordic and especially Finnish wood industries. The aim is to give the students an overview of the factors, which give the Finnish woods products their special characteristics. Students will also be given points of comparison from other supply sources in order to make it easier to understand how it is best used in various applications, whether it is interior products, joinery, or structural uses.

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1. Introduction

This first module will serve as an introduction to all of the course material, and how it all works. Here you can also find the course material in audio form, in case you wish to experience it like an audiobook. 

2. Forests

In this 2nd module, the material is focused on forests, both globally and locally here in Finland. You'll get a glimpse into the different ways wood is being used, and how it's distributed to different parts of the world. The forest industry is massive, and knowing the basics of how it all works, can open your eyes to all the possibilities that it offers.

3. Timber-based products

This 3rd module will focus on timber-based products, both their creation and use in our society. We'll go over what are the main grades of sawmilling, and also visual grades.  We'll also go over techniques like finger joins and gluing, and what their advantages are both structurally and visually. By the end of this module, you should have a basic understanding of the different steps that belong to the sawmill production process. 

4. Wood-based panels

The 4th module is the most expansive portion of the entire course, and in it, the focus is directed toward different types of wood-based panels. We'll dive deeper into how different types of panels are manufactured and used. 

5. International wood product markets

This 5th module will shift the focus towards sales and markets. Through a practical case, you'll see how the sale and distribution process works, and what details are a part of that. We'll also talk about different competitors that wood can face in the modern markets. All the topics covered here will give you an idea of how the modern market landscape is shaped.

6. Wood products in interiors, exteriors, and structural use

This final module is about the use of wood in modern buildings, especially in Finnish architecture. We'll go over many examples of famous buildings, during the following lectures while diving deeper into what makes them special. Wooden architecture is a part of Finland's cultural identity, both historically and in the modern-day as well.
Despite having only 1% of the world's forests, Finland is world's number:
1 in Thermowood
1 in Specialist Plywood
4 in Sawntimber
6 in Plywood

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